Coming in 2024

The AYRO Valet

The AYRO Valet, a premium people mover, is a 6-seat low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) built to transport your patrons, team, or visitors in style. 



Anything but Ordinary

This stylish vehicle is perfect for traveling within your community or around your campus, resort or facility. 

The AYRO Valet is built from the same automotive grade components as the AYRO Vanish, which simplifies maintenance and makes it the highest-quality 6-seat LSEV on the market today.
While oversized golf carts can certainly transport you from one location to another, none are as stylish as the AYRO Valet. Built for comfort, the Valet offers bomber-style seats with armrests for each traveler, conversational-style seating, low step-up for easy access, and a passenger island or bar with drink holders and cooler.
When traveling in areas where LSEVs are allowed, safety is paramount. The Valet offers seat belts for all passengers, a rear back-up camera, and four-wheel disc brakes for smooth and dependable braking.
Like all AYRO vehicles, the Valet emits zero emissions and is whisper-quiet which limits the vehicle’s impact on the environment. In addition, the Valet offers regenerative braking to help support the battery’s charge.
Street Legal LSEV programmed up to 25 MPH (An LSV is a street legal, four-wheeled vehicle that has a maximum speed of 25 MPH and can be legally driven on most roads posted 35 MPH or less.)
Battery Type Lithium Ion batteries allow for longer operating time on a single charge. No specialized charging infrastructure required – plug into a 110v/20 amp outlet.
Extended Range Estimated 50 miles or greater range based on a full charge (actual range will vary based on several factors including temperature, terrain, vehicle loading, use and configuration)
Payload Maximum payload of 1,200 pounds (LSEV and 1,800 pounds (non-LSEV) dependent on final vehicle configuration
Low Maintenance Fewer moving parts and fluid than in gas-powered trucks or vans resulting in -50% less operating expenses
Dimensions 155″ L x 58″ W x 76″ H (fits through double doors with mirrors removed)

Premium People Mover

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