The Art of Sustainability

Driving the future forward

AYRO designs and produces low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs) and other solutions that leave minimal impact on not only carbon emissions, but the space itself.

The Art of Sustainability

AYRO Vanish

RedDot Winner 2023
AYRO 2023 Best Practices Award

Designed from the ground up, the award-winning Vanish is a versatile utility low-speed electric vehicle that can meet a multitude of demands without needing multiple vehicle types.

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AYRO’s Appearance on Viewpoint

As the world transitions towards a greener and more sustainable future, AYRO has endeavored to become a key player in the LSEV industry. Our commitment to delivering efficient and environmentally friendly solutions will capture the attention of a wider audience through this feature on Viewpoint.

The AYRO Vanish is purpose-built, innovative, and highly customizable to meet any need in last-mile delivery, micro distribution, and campus / facility mobility needs.

Vanish Panelbed
Responsible Engineering

The AYRO Vanish is uniquely American – with components sourced primarily from North America and Europe, allowing us to bypass trans-Pacific supply-chain obstacles while achieving social responsibility.

Protecting the Future

We designed the AYRO Vanish according to our own SchlägerNull™ philosophy, a trademark that means that these zero emissions vehicles go far beyond being environmentally friendly. The first in the new product roadmap, the AYRO Vanish is designed to have a longer life, reusable components and parts, and less unnecessary scrap.

Getting the job done

Our LSEVs serve your fleet’s every purpose. Adaptable to meet any objective, the AYRO Vanish offers various configurations – each expertly crafted to suit your requirements.

Defining Sustainability

Many low-speed electric vehicles use old technologies that may no longer align with today’s sustainability goals. We build for the future allowing customers to deploy sustainable fleets with a goal of leaving virtually no mark on the environment.

Meet the AYRO Vanish
The AYRO Vanish is a configurable low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) that provides a versatile solution to today’s last mile and micromobility challenges.
Meet The Vanish
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