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Whether you are a governmental agency or non-profit with security and transportation requirements, AYRO offers the perfect fleet option. Our electric vehicles (EVs) can move swiftly and quietly between buildings and campuses, traverse streets, runways, or even landscapes without leaving a trace. And thanks to our swappable configurations, we can adapt them to carry whatever your fleet requires. In addition, our vehicles are primarily sourced from components made in North America and Europe, limiting trans-Pacific supply chain disruptions so we can better manage supply chain hassles that disrupt other industries. Our sustainable vehicles also help you to maintain lower overhead costs in fuel and maintenance.

The latest in our product roadmap is the AYRO Vanish, a new low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) with swappable payloads and perfect for a variety of uses.

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Utilizing innovative design and with a goal of true sustainability, AYRO vehicles meet the demands of today for the future of tomorrow. Meet our current partners and connect with AYRO about future partnerships.
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Fleet managers are struggling to maintain aging vehicle fleets and are caught between utilizing fuel-inefficient vehicles or EVs that could be outdated tomorrow. AYRO is the answer.
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