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Low-Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEVs) On Your Campus

Whether medical equipment, maintenance gear, or simply transporting items across a large corporate campus, we know that there are few solutions perfect for the need. Many times a full-size vehicle is not needed and most smaller, utility vehicles aren’t appropriate to traverse a campus while also still meeting sustainability goals for the organization. Plus, the amount of pollution, whether audible, physical, or otherwise created by vehicles is simply unnecessary.

AYRO’s LSEVs can be configured to support your specialized needs – including transporting medical grade equipment. These vehicles are quiet, produce no noxious fumes or odors, and can be driven indoors or out without disturbing customers or patients.

Our latest vehicle, and the first on our new product roadmap, is the AYRO Vanish – which improves upon the foundation of other LSEVs on the market by leveraging new technologies and meeting sustainability goals.

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Utilizing innovative design and with a goal of true sustainability, AYRO vehicles meet the demands of today for the future of tomorrow. Meet our current partners and connect with AYRO about future partnerships.
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