Where are Ayro, Inc. vehicles assembled?
Round Rock, TX (outside Austin)

Is the AYRO 311 gas-powered or hybrid?
No, it’s neither…it’s 100% electric, 100% of the time.

Do I need a supercharger at home or find one when I’m out to recharge my AYRO 311?
No…all you need is a dedicated 110 Volt/20 Amp outlet. There’s no need to add or seek out a 220V/240V system to recharge your AYRO 311.

How fast does an AYRO 311 go?
The AYRO 311 has top speed of up to 50 mph (80 km/h).

Can I take my AYRO 311 on the freeway?
The AYRO 311 is street legal on roads and highways with an up to 55 mph limit posted.

What is the range of the AYRO 311?
The AYRO 311 has a range of up to 50 miles (80 km).

How big is an AYRO 311?
It’s just under 10 1/2 long (320 cm) and 5 1/2 feet wide (168 cm).

How many people can fit in an AYRO 311?
The AYRO 311 is a 3-wheeled, inline 2-seater vehicle. The AYRO 311 has a driver and passenger seat.

Does the AYRO 311 have auto- or motorcycle-style controls?
The AYRO 311 has standard automotive-style controls like a steering wheel, foot brake pedal, foot accelerator pedal, and hand parking brake. We think it’s safer, faster to learn, and way easier to drive plus far more comfortable.

What is the AYRO 311 made from?
The AYRO 311 is built from D.O.T.-compliant parts.

What colors does the AYRO 311 come in?
Currently, the AYRO 311 comes standard in Athletic Red and Glossy White.

Can I personalize my AYRO 311?
Absolutely! You can do it two different ways – you can pick a color accent graphics package or create your own graphics. Both options are additional, so please contact us to let us know you’re interested and we’ll get you a quote.