Urban Delivery

AYRO Vanish LSV sitting in front of retail facilities

The Future of Last-Mile Transportation

AYRO understands exactly how important it is to be available, on time and deliver the exact product for the job. They is why our low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs) offer the perfect option for short and medium distance delivery. Our configurations allow you to order a reliable workhorse vehicle for your fleet, one that you can depend on to deliver the goods time after time. Our LSEVs offer heavy- and light-duty payload options, meaning they can handle small and large capacities. There are also available configurations to keep deliveries at a desired temperature to keep them secure. Our cabs are also spacious, climate controlled and ergonomic to help keep your drivers comfortable and focused on the task at hand. And because they emit zero emissions, they can be used indoors without producing any noxious fumes or odors as well as little noise.