About AYRO

Designing zero emissions vehicles that redefine the very nature of sustainability.

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Who We Are

The Art of Sustainability

Some engineers build and create focused solely on functionality. And yes, function and purpose are critical to what we do. But, we want to further advance the conversation into the very meaning of creativity and innovation.

At AYRO, we strive to clarify true sustainability. We are not just about limiting our footprint, but removing our footprint all together – creating limited disruption and leaving only the element of beauty that was present at the onset when we first traversed the area in question.

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What We Do

AYRO designs and produces zero emissions vehicles and systems that redefine the very nature of sustainability. Our goal is to craft solutions in a way that leaves minimal impact on not only carbon emissions, but the space itself. From tire tread, fuel cells, sound, and even discordant visuals, we apply engineering and artistry to every element of our product mix.

Driven by insight gained from partners, customers, and research, AYRO delivers a profitable and highly adaptable solution that empowers organizations to enable sustainable fleets. These purpose-built innovative and highly customizable low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs) support a plurality of last-mile delivery, micro distribution, and campus / facility mobility needs.


The SchlägerNull™ Approach

AYRO strives to set the standard of what the term sustainability comprises. Sustainability by nature is not only about reducing the footprint left behind following creation, production, and delivery; it is developing vehicles that create no disruption or alteration on the space traversed. Whether in terms of surface alteration, environmental or by-product residuals, sound, thermal hotspots, or even visual blending, AYRO applies engineering rigor and artistic inspiration to every element of our products to avoid damaging the environments we traverse. We refer to this as the SchlägerNull™ approach – a design philosophy enabling the ability to exist in, traverse, or observe a physical space without altering it or leaving any trace of presence upon departure. This includes working to limit and eliminate production waste, developing products that have longer lives, and finding components and parts that are reusable creating less unnecessary scrap.

man adjusting front panel of AYRO Vanish low speed vehicle in factory

History of Innovation

What is truly sustainable transportation? And how do we get there? And how do we achieve it? In fact, our forward-thinking employees are constantly striving to redefine the very nature of sustainability. The results are a series of innovative LSEVs that perform tasks like no other options available on the market. We design all our vehicles from the ground up, and the results are unlike anything else available in the market today.

In 2017, entrepreneurs, executives, and investors first founded Austin Electric Vehicles, which became AEV Technologies, Inc.

The concept was to create sustainable solutions for campus management and mobility, last-mile delivery, and micro distribution.
From the beginning, AYRO has committed to commercializing energy-efficient solutions, reducing carbon footprints, and providing sustainability solutions.

In May 2019, AEV Technologies, Inc. became AYRO, Inc.

AYRO forms partnership with Club Car.
AYRO, Inc. goes public on NASDAQ.

AYRO and Gallery Carts launch EV mobile hospitality solutions.

AYRO and Karma form partnership.
AYRO and partners launched the Electric Vaccine Vehicle (EVV).

AYRO and Element form partnership.
AYRO filed 2 design patents, multiple underlying seminal patents in sustainability, 4 U.S. Utility Patents, and 2 additional U.S. Utility Applications.

AYRO announces Dealer Program.

The AYRO Vanish launches, the first vehicle in AYRO’s new product roadmap.
AYRO wins Frost & Sullivan 2023 New Product Innovation Award

AYRO granted first utility and design patents

AYRO Vanish wins Red Dot Award: Product Design

AYRO enters low-rate initial production of the Vanish
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Our Vision We believe sustainable e-delivery solutions should empower companies to extend their brand’s reach, in campus mobility, last-mile delivery, and micro distribution.
Our Mission Produce zero emissions, purpose-built delivery vehicles and sustainable solutions that are an extension of a company’s brand. These solutions are powered by technology and usable by anyone.