AYRO 311

What do you want to add to your daily life – minus the gas? We’ve got an all-electric AYRO 311 with your name on it…

The zero emission AYRO 311 is an ideal everyday option for:
> Urban/suburban drivers
> Gated/planned communities
> Retirement communities/villages
> College/University campuses
> Vacation homes

> RVs/Toy Haulers

Commute to work?
The electric AYRO 311 is a great vehicle to drive and is super easy to park. With a range of up to 50 miles (80 km), it’ll get you there and back. And, when you need to charge it, just grab a standard 110V (20A) outlet and top it off. If you want to fully recharge it, just plug it in for up to 6 – 8 hours.

Run errands?
No need to start up a gas-powered car or SUV if you’re heading to the store or running around town. The plugin AYRO 311 is a breeze to maneuver in parking lots and can fit a bunch of groceries in the back seat. With a top speed of up to 50 mph, you’ll be street legal on roads and highways up to 55 mph limit posted…so you can get to the places you want to go.

Go for a cruise?
Head outside and feel the fresh air while enjoying an all-electric drive. There’s even an on-board heater and fan, depending on the weather. Instead of challenging motorcycle-style controls, you’ll appreciate the auto-style steering wheel for comfort and a tight turning radius. And you’ll really like having regular foot pedals for the accelerator and brakes. There’s literally no learning curve…just get in your AYRO 311 and drive…

Tow n’ Go
Perfect for RVs, Toy Haulers and Motorhomes, the AYRO 311 is ready for a roadtrip…Thanks to auto-style controls (steering/brakes/accelerator), it’s easy to drive and park. And, no need to find a supercharger in the middle of nowhere, all it takes to recharge is a standard 110V/20A outlet. The AYRO 311 is an excellent campground cruiser, sightseer, or run-into-town-for-supplies vehicle. It’s super-easy to tow, thanks to its lightweight yet sturdy frame.

Personalize your ride
Make it your own with optional graphics packages. And, if you really want to stand apart from the crowd, you can individualize your colors and graphics through our Custom AYRO 311 graphics. Please contact [email protected] for pricing.

Safety Features:
> Front-wheel Drive
> D.O.T.-compliant Parts
> Full Steel Cage
> All-wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes
> Rear Backup Cam
> Steering Wheel
> Foot Accelerator + Brake Pedals
> Hand Parking Brake
> Windshield Wiper/Washer
> Street or Curb-side Access
> Driver’s 3-point Safety Belt
> Passenger’s 4-point Safety Belt
> Warning Flashers