Going electric isn’t just the “eco” thing to do anymore.

It’s the best way to:
> Reduce operating costs
> Increase efficiency
> Promote your business

At AYRO, Inc., we’ve got your bottom line in mind.

Your customers will love getting their stuff sooner, with less carbon emissions, and with far less sound than traditional “last mile” petrol-powered vehicles. From a public relations and branding perspective, your customers will appreciate your commitment to the environment.

Imagine paying pennies per mile, reducing your maintenance bills, and realizing a return on your investment within months versus gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles.

And don’t forget rolling branding…The memorable and eye-catching designs of AYRO‘s all-electric vehicles like the revolutionary AYRO 311 is an outstanding way to brand and promote your business.

Destination/Resort Rental Fleets
Everybody wants to do something memorable on their vacation. Renting an AYRO 311 is a great way to not only create lasting memories, it’ll get your customers access to way more places since the AYRO 311 is street legal on roads and highways up to 55 mph.

Neighborhood Deliveries
Whether you need to deliver hot food, groceries, parcels, or other products, the AYRO 311 is a fantastic fleet option.

Think enforcement. Parking…Code…Security. The AYRO 311 is an ideal solution for all of them. Easy to drive, accessible from the street or curb side, it’s a great platform for different tasks.

> Low Maintenance
> Low Operating Costs
> Zero Gas Emissions
> D.O.T.-compliant Components
> No Supercharger 240V Needed (just a dedicated 110V/20A outlet)
> Each Vehicle can be licensed
> Higher Payload Capacity
> Leasing Options
> GPS Locator (optional)
> Leasing Options